OrgelkidsCAN, Do-organs all over Canada

OrgelKidsCan logo (red leaf, black BG)

The Canadian organists association has embraced Orgelkids as a strategic project to reach new audiences and young people for the organ. This association, the Royal Canadian College of Organists (RCCO), therefore decided for  a nationwide project: each of the eight regions in the country will have its own Do-organ in October 2018.

Doe-orgel LetourneauThe Canadian organ builder Létourneau built these eight organs according to the Wim Janssen concept. But there were also added some own characteristics. For example, these organs have a viewing window in the storage bellow and the pipes have longer toes and a holder in which they stand. But otherwise it is unmistakably a Do-organ


Rick en Andrew 26 sept 2018

Rick St.-Germain (left) went to pick up the eight Do-organs from the organ builder, Andrew Forrest. So many organs still fit in a car. We wish project team Rick St.-Germain, Elizabeth Shannon and Janet Weaver a lot of fun and success with OrgelkidsCAN!

8 Doe-orgel in auto