Teaching materials

Do you want to start your own teaching project with the Do-organ? Below you will find your way to all the materials, which Orgelkids has already developed for you. There are instruction sheets, a lesson plan, worksheets and videos you can use with the children. There is also sheet music specially written for the Do-organ by composers from all over the world.

Instruction sheets


A set of laminated instruction cards with little text and lots of pictures accompanies the Do-organ. You can use these instruction sheets to let children build the organ. Download the english edition below.

Teaching manual for teachers and (guest) tutors

A teaching note is available describing three lessons (download the full teaching note as a pdf). This lesson plan serves as a suggestion and can be adapted to your own needs for your own project. Prefer a ready-made lesson pack? Then take a look at the information on the project ‘De Orgelridders‘ (The Organ Knights) which will be translated in English later.

Worksheet with drawing and puzzle

Are you working with a larger group while building the Do-organ? Then there will come a point when some of the children have to wait for a while when everything has to be placed together in the framework. Give the waiting children a task, for example with this drawing worksheet (for colouring and connecting words) or the puzzle.

Instruction videos

Wim Janssen, the designer of the Do-organ, explained how to build the organ step by step.

(subtitles by Frank Ezinga)

Anna and Manuel show you how children are perfectly capable of building the Do-organ in practice.

Sheet music for the Orgelkids organ

Because the Do-organ has only two octaves, you cannot play all existing organ music on it. To mark the 10th anniversary of Orgelkids in 2019, composers around the world have written music that does fit on the Doe organ. For that, check out the sheet music page.

Organ song

An organ project with children? That, of course, needs a song! For inspiration, here is a song in Dutch. Karolien Schuurmans wrote the text and Bart Wuilmus wrote the melody. It is sung by children’s choir De Piccolo’s from Neerpelt (B), conducted by Philipp Baeken and with Bart Wuilmus at the organ. And in this video you can also see exactly how the Doe organ is built step by step. You can also download the text and music.

Zanna and Kaj are building an organ

The whole process of building the Do-organ has been pictured by Zanna and Kaj. There is a PowerPoint presentation (see also below) for viewing in the classroom. And there is a poster (A4) with all the pictures to help children recount what they have done. For example, to show to their parents or friends.

Materials at the Orgelkids organ

If you want to get started with the Do-organ, we have instruction cards, a lesson plan, sheet music and much more ready for you.

Where in the world?

Orgelkids started in the Netherlands and now operates in many countries around the world. On this map, we keep track of where you can find the Do-organ.


Orgelkids maintains a blog with current news about Orgelkids projects from around the world.

Orgelkids Wiki

Looking for more activities to introduce children to organ music? Orgelkids collects all kinds of educational lesson suggestions on the Orgelkids Wiki.