Concerts for children

An organ project for children can take various forms. Orgelkids sees the ideal project as a series of activities that include both music, technology and cultural heritage.

In many activities children are given an active role to do something, to try, to investigate, to learn. But of course listening to a nice concert and an attractive performance is also an indispensable element to a complete project.

Often the children have first done activities with their own group, such as building the Doe organ, making music or a field-trip to the organ in the church. Then a special children’s concert, for example as the conclusion of the project, can be arranged for several groups at the same time in church or concert hall.

Existing childrens concerts or performances

In recent years, beautiful special performances and concerts for children have been developed, in which the organ has an important role. Some of these can still be booked. Orgelkids would like to list the existing performances and make them findable for those who are looking for a suitable programme.
You cannot book these performances or concerts at Orgelkids, but we are happy to refer you to the creators/performers of the concerts.
No doubt this series is not complete, so please let us know if something is missing.

Current programs in the Netherlands:

International programs: