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The Do-organ is attractive for children to build, but of course also to make music together. That is possible, because although it’s small, it’s a real organ with two octaves and two different ranks of pipes. Here you will find suitable compositions, specially written for the Do-organ.

Winners Orgelkids Composition Contest

On the occasion of the 10-year anniversary of Orgelkids there was a Composition Contest for composers who wanted to write new music or arrangements for the Do-organ.

The Do-organ has a keyboard with 2 octaves: c’d’-c”’ (without cis’). Pitch a’= 440 Hz. The organ has two stops of wooden pipes: open (4’) and stopped (8’). The organ is winded by hand-operated bellows.

You can download the winning compositions here for free. As a complete book or the separate pieces:

Download the complete book with all nine winning compositions:

Complete book (25MB, 83 pages)

Or download the compositions separately below:

Category A – Do-organ solo
1: Rachel Laurin (Canada) – Ten little sketches for ten little fingers
2: Christiaan Ingelse (the Netherlands) – Orgelfun
3: Erland Hildén (Sweden) – Organ Fairy Tale: the Ant and the Grasshopper (or Swedish version: Orgelsaga: Myran och Gräshoppan)

Category B – Do-organ ensemble
1: Anders Börjesson (Sweden) – Sonatine
2: Denis Roosen (Belgium) – En Garde!
3: Aidan Plank (USA) – Orgel Blue

Category C – classics for Do-organ
1: Anders Börjesson (Sweden) – Two Bach-Classics & Kleine Bach-Paraphrase
2: Christaan Ingelse (the Netherlands) – Gavotte uit de Franse Suite No.5 – J.S. Bach
3. Dick Sanderman (the Netherlands) – Sinfonia from Cantata 156 – J.S. Bach

Compositions that did not win prizes, but very beautiful!

We are happy with all the entries, not just the prize-winning ones. So please enjoy this special selection of other great compositions for Do-organ.

Category A – Do-organ solo
Pietro Cattaneo (Italy) – Little Partita ‘Frère Jacques’
Koen Verheyden (Belgium) – Lentedans
Koen Verheyden (Belgium) – Lentezon
Jan Mannee (the Netherlands) – Minimal Do-sonate
Hua Hsuan Tseng (Taiwan) – The Worst Witch
Björn Bratsberg (Norway) – Fanfare
Anders Börjesson (Sweden) – Little Suite with Variations

Category B – Do-organ ensemble
Ulrike Theresia Wegele (Austria) – Irish Dance
Ulrike Theresia Wegele (Austria) –Spielerei
Ulrike Theresia Wegele (Austria) – Rhythm
Marina Viaizia (Russia) – Tambourine
Marina Viaizia (Russia) – Cantabile

Category C – classics for Do-organ
Ulrike Theresia Wegele (Austria) – Hommage à Johann Sebastian Bach
Ulrike Theresia Wegele (Austria) – Toccatina d-moll
Ulrike Theresia Wegele (Austria) – Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme, aus Kantate 140
Tove Kjaer (Denmark) – Two Children Songs
Jesper Rydén (Sweden) – Ar Barados
Jesper Rydén (Sweden) – Patronez dous ar Folgoat

Other compositions for Do-organ

Some other new compositions have been written earlier especially for the Do-organ.

  • Bart Wuilmus from Vlaanderen (BE) wrote a theme song, the Orgelkids-tune. You can listen and download here.
  • Fredrik Hagstadt from Zweden composed some suites for Do-organ. You can order them online at Orgelkids Zweden.
  • Carson Cooman from the USA wrote two compositions for Do-organ. They are freely available upon request: Two pieces (2018) en Little Praeludium in C (2018).
  • Carlotta Ferrari wrote six easy pieces about animals for Do-organ. Carson Cooman recorded the pieces so you can listen and download the music on Carlotta’s IMSLP-page: Animal Farm.

Materials at the Orgelkids organ

If you want to get started with the Do-organ, we have instruction cards, a lesson plan, sheet music and much more ready for you.

Where in the world?

Orgelkids started in the Netherlands and now operates in many countries around the world. On this map, we keep track of where you can find the Do-organ.


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