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The Do-organ is attractive for children to build, but of course also to make music together. That is possible, because although it’s small, it’s a real organ with two octaves and two different ranks of pipes. Here you will find suitable compositions, specially written for the Do-organ.

Winners Orgelkids Composition Contest

On the occasion of the 10-year anniversary of Orgelkids there was a Composition Contest for composers who wanted to write new music or arrangements for the Do-organ.

The Do-organ has a keyboard with 2 octaves: c’d’-c”’ (without cis’). Pitch a’= 440 Hz. The organ has two stops of wooden pipes: open (4’) and stopped (8’). The organ is winded by hand-operated bellows.

You can download the winning compositions here for free. As a complete book or the separate pieces:

Download the complete book with all nine winning compositions:

Complete book (25MB, 83 pages)

Or download the compositions separately below:

Category A – Do-organ solo
1: Rachel Laurin (Canada) – Ten little sketches for ten little fingers
2: Christiaan Ingelse (the Netherlands) – Orgelfun
3: Erland Hildén (Sweden) – Organ Fairy Tale: the Ant and the Grasshopper (or Swedish version: Orgelsaga: Myran och Gräshoppan)

Category B – Do-organ ensemble
1: Anders Börjesson (Sweden) – Sonatine
2: Denis Roosen (Belgium) – En Garde!
3: Aidan Plank (USA) – Orgel Blue

Category C – classics for Do-organ
1: Anders Börjesson (Sweden) – Two Bach-Classics & Kleine Bach-Paraphrase
2: Christaan Ingelse (the Netherlands) – Gavotte uit de Franse Suite No.5 – J.S. Bach
3. Dick Sanderman (the Netherlands) – Sinfonia from Cantata 156 – J.S. Bach

Compositions that did not win prizes, but very beautiful!

We are happy with all the entries, not just the prize-winning ones. So please enjoy this special selection of other great compositions for Do-organ.

Category A – Do-organ solo
Pietro Cattaneo (Italy) – Little Partita ‘Frère Jacques’
Koen Verheyden (Belgium) – Lentedans
Koen Verheyden (Belgium) – Lentezon
Jan Mannee (the Netherlands) – Minimal Do-sonate
Hua Hsuan Tseng (Taiwan) – The Worst Witch
Björn Bratsberg (Norway) – Fanfare
Anders Börjesson (Sweden) – Little Suite with Variations

Category B – Do-organ ensemble
Ulrike Theresia Wegele (Austria) – Irish Dance
Ulrike Theresia Wegele (Austria) –Spielerei
Ulrike Theresia Wegele (Austria) – Rhythm
Marina Viaizia (Russia) – Tambourine
Marina Viaizia (Russia) – Cantabile

Category C – classics for Do-organ
Ulrike Theresia Wegele (Austria) – Hommage à Johann Sebastian Bach
Ulrike Theresia Wegele (Austria) – Toccatina d-moll
Ulrike Theresia Wegele (Austria) – Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme, aus Kantate 140
Tove Kjaer (Denmark) – Two Children Songs
Jesper Rydén (Sweden) – Ar Barados
Jesper Rydén (Sweden) – Patronez dous ar Folgoat

Other compositions for Do-organ

Some other new compositions have been written earlier especially for the Do-organ.

  • Bart Wuilmus from Vlaanderen (BE) wrote a theme song, the Orgelkids-tune. You can listen and download here.
  • Fredrik Hagstadt from Zweden composed some suites for Do-organ. You can order them online at Orgelkids Zweden.
  • Carson Cooman from the USA wrote two compositions for Do-organ. They are freely available upon request: Two pieces (2018) en Little Praeludium in C (2018).
  • Carlotta Ferrari wrote six easy pieces about animals for Do-organ. Carson Cooman recorded the pieces so you can listen and download the music on Carlotta’s IMSLP-page: Animal Farm.