Do you want to build your own Orgelkids organ kit? You can! There’s a set of 24 plans of the organ builder available. The construction of the Do-organ is explained with the aid of technical drawings. This is a professional set with all the drawings and measurements you need to construct one Orgelkids organ.

The drawings can be ordered for self-builders. You don’t need to be an experienced organ builder. You can work with this if you have experience with woodworking and of course have access to the right tools. It is also useful if you can visit an existing organ or obtain information from a local organ expert.

  • Design: Wim Janssen
  • Technical drawings: Verschueren Organ Builders
  • This is a joint project by Orgelkids en Verschueren Organ Builders.
  • Price (=donation for Orgelkids): € 60,-

You can order the complete set of 24 plans and instructions as a downloadable package (zip-file) by paying a donation of € 60,00. As soon as your payment is received you will get instructions for downloading.

After downloading you need to unzip the files and print them yourself. Preferably do this in A3 format. Some drawings can then be used directly as a mold.

Order Plans

Please use the form and transfer the amount to the IBAN number NL68 RABO 0386856753 in the name of our bank account ‘Stichting Kerkmuziek Netwerk’. Or use PayPal to order and pay (use the yellow button below).

Please note:
Orgelkids will try to answer your questions as best as possible via e-mail, but there is no helpdesk available for self-builders. Photos have been taken of the work process and might be helpful. You can view them below.

Photos work process

Materials at the Orgelkids organ

If you want to get started with the Do-organ, we have instruction cards, a lesson plan, sheet music and much more ready for you.

Where in the world?

Orgelkids started in the Netherlands and now operates in many countries around the world. On this map, we keep track of where you can find the Do-organ.


Orgelkids maintains a blog with current news about Orgelkids projects from around the world.

Orgelkids Wiki

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