There are more than 70 Do-organs in the world. In the Netherlands and Flanders the Do-organ can be rented by organists who want to provide an educational organ project. But also in other places in the world, some owners make their organ kits available for rent.

Orgelkids worldwide

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of rental, contact organizations in your country that are involved in the Orgelkids project. These are often national or regional associations of organists, such as AGO and RCCO.

You can contact one of these very active Orgelkids projects via their websites:

Private owners

At the local level, the owners are usually churches, concert halls, museums or music schools. Some foundations for the preservation of historical organs purchased a Do-organ to use in local educational projects.

Where in the world are Do-organs?

The complete overview of all places in the world where you can find Do-organs is on this map.