Suite for Do-organ


In October, Orgelkids SE, the new Swedish branch, starts. During the international organ festival in Gothenburg, there is attention for the youth and workshops are given with the Do-organ.

Very special is that project leader Jon Liinason went looking for suitable music for the organ with two octaves. The Swedish composer Fredrik Hagstedt has now written a special composition for the Do-organ: Suite no. 1 for Do-organ. It consists of 5 parts (7 pages) and is suitable for advanced students. You can listen to the piece here.

A present for all fans

On the occasion of the start of Orgelkids Sweden, the composition is available for free to anyone who is a fan of Orgelkids. You can order the sheet music for free via their web shop. Enter your details and use the coupon code: ORGELKIDSSWEDEN (valid until 31 December 2018).

Schermafdruk Suite Doe-orgel Hagstedt 2018