Children in Wilrijk (B) receiving the second organ

The second Orgelkids organ has now been transferred to the association “The Organ in Flanders”. That’s why we signed an official agreement. More importantly, the children received the organ in their classroom.

On Friday, May 29th, 2015 the new organ came to the children of class 3C of The Ark in Wilrijk. They eagerly built the organ, and after an hour it was ready to be played. Of course, the birthday kid got to play first!


“The Organ in Flanders” board was present, as was the designer and builder of the Orgelkids organ, Wim Janssen. Wim watched with pleasure how the children received his creation.

In June 2015, the children visited the St. Bavo Church in Wilrijk. It was evident how much the children had already learned from constructing the Orgelkids organ.
Thank you to Daniel Vanden Broecke for a successful start of this project in Flanders. Thank you to the students and teacher of ‘The Ark’ for your building and playing. Chris Fagard, thanks for your very nice pictures.

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