Orgelkids Taiwan is van start gegaan

Begin december 2018 is het eerste Doe-orgel gearriveerd in Pingtung (Taiwan). Dat is meteen de start van Orgelkids Taiwan. Fantastisch om te zien hoe het Doe-orgel overal ter wereld dezelfde uitwerking heeft op kinderen en hun ouders: ingespannen gezichtjes tijdens het werk en de vreugde als het gelukt is. Orgelkids NL wenst Orgelkids Taiwan heeft veel succes met de grootse plannen, onder andere voor een orgelzomerkamp in juli 2019.

Schermafdruk 2018-12-13 10.16.31Hun missie: “The Orgelkids Summer Camp is the first step in nurturing young Taiwanese interest in the organ. It is expected to enroll 100 students for a three-day course with teachings on science, technology, engineering, music, mathematics, etc., by building a real organ by hand. The experience to conduct the course as a “catalyst of music.” This program also encourages parents to participate, and parents and their children are welcome to join the summer camp.

The instrument that best expresses the power of music and the flexible change of the instrument is the organ. The organ is known as the “king of musical instruments” and is completely deserved. In the eighteenth century, the organ was the most advanced mechanical invention at the time. The Pingtung Performing Arts Hall has such a magnificent and solemn organ, which represents a good opportunity to invest in the development of young people in Taiwan. At this time, the efforts will not only affect today’s young people, but also extend to future generations.”

Zie hier de website van Orgelkids Taiwan.

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