Flute box

A living organ stop with 30 flutes

The Flute Box was invented by Orgelkids as a learning tool alongside the Do-organ. This allows children to actively explore what an organ stop is. But besides it is a great tool to invent, write down and perform your own music in a small group.


Flute box with 30 flutes.

Fluit uit de Fluitenkist

Playing the flute.

A box with 30 flutes, each producing its own tone, makes it possible to play together for organ stop (pitch a’= 440 Hz). With color codes, a simple graphic score can be presented on a beamer or digital schoolboard. Various music can be found on the internet for this. The color codes match the colors of the Boomwhackers and can be combined in a performance. The flutes are made entirely of PVC (and can therefore be easily wiped off).

Fluitenkist en Boomwhackers

Flute box, Boomwhackers and some graphic scores.

A creative activity is a composition assignment by means of colors. Children color boxes first and play together what they have come up with. An example is this worksheet.


This Orgelkids Flute Box is not for sale, but can be rented from Orgelkids in combination with the Do-organ. Those who want to have a set of similar pipes themselves can find a good alternative in Germany. Look for this on the website Melopipe.de for a package with self-build pipes.

Orgelkids USA shows in this video how to assemble the pipes of Melopipe and shows how separate flutes and the Do-organ can be used together.


Enjoy this experiment during Orgelkids Jubileum Party