Orgelkids introduces children to the organ

The pipe-organ is a beautiful instrument with a lot of things to discover. Of course there is organ music in all kinds of styles. But the technique with which the sound is made is also very interesting for children. And let’s not forget the history of the organ as part of cultural heritage.

"Orgelkids enables you to put together your own project or activity to suit your target group. Ready-made teaching programs have been developed. You can buy or rent the materials for this programs. But you can also get started with the ideas to develop your own project. I'd be happy to help you on your way!"

Success formula: the Do-organ

Orgelkids has become known worldwide thanks to the Do-organ, a challenging box with 128 parts. Children can use it to build a real working organ in less than an hour.

The Do-organ is not only a beautiful kit, but also a real instrument. It has two octaves and two registers and gets wind with manually operated bellows.

What else does Orgelkids offer?

For more than 10 years and now in more than 15 countries, we have been helping people who want to become an ambassador of the organ. Orgelkids …

  • develops teaching manuals and materials for education
  • rents out the box with the Do-organ
  • shows you the way to all kinds of didactic possibilities to develop interesting lessons or activities yourself
  • shares knowledge and evidence based experience from Orgelkids projects all over the world.

Choose or combine different themes around the organ:


The organ is an interesting instrument because of the technique required to make it sound. You really get to know how the organ works by building one yourself. This is a perfect opportunity of the Do-organ in the Orgelkids kit.


The fact that the Do-organ is also a real instrument challenged famous composers from all over the world to compose new music for it. This music helps to get to know and appreciate the richness of organ music.

Cultural Heritage

The organ has evolved over the centuries. Churches and concert halls are the places where you can find organs. The meaning and function of organs at different times provides a fascinating insight into part of cultural history.